Restaurant boss bans ‘awful’ customer after she criticised autistic employee

The customer asked Ryan’s mum “Am I supposed to feel bad now because your son is autistic?” after she apologised on behalf of her son, before she was banned from the restaurant

While it’s a commonly asserted statement, it is definitely factually incorrect – the customer is not always right.

Windward Tavern in New Jersey has been flooded with messages of positivity after it banned a customer who was rude to their employees.

Owner Mort Nase took to the restaurant’s Facebook page to defend her employee after hearing what had happened.

He wrote on Facebook: “This is an open letter to the two women who were offended by my weekday floor manager.

“Ryan is one of the most dedicated employees I have ever had the privilege of working with. Ryan attends to his job as instructed by me.

“His job is not only to seat people but to patrol the bar & dining room to ensure everyone is taken care of. Your comments and treatment of Ryan, his mother ( another great employee), and my other servers that day is unacceptable.

“PLEASE do not come back to The Windward. You could never ever spend enough money for me to ever allow my employees to be treated with such disrespect.

“You should be ashamed of yourselves. My world is a better place thanks to Ryan. I am truly blessed to have Ryan in my life. It’s sad he’s not in yours..”

Mr Nase told New Jersey 101.5 that he wanted to show support for Ryan, 21, who is autistic.

He said: “People such as Ryan are very regimented and these two women who came in sat down near the bar. I guess they wanted to relax a while and Ryan came by to grab their menus because he thought they were done.

“The server tried to explain that they weren’t being rushed and that Ryan is Ryan and he’s a little bit on the spectrum.”

Mr Nase said the women told the server that perhaps Ryan shouldn’t work in the restaurant, and was rude to his mother when she apologised on behalf of her son.

“The woman’s reply was ‘am I supposed to feel bad now because your son is autistic’?”

He added: “Ryan is such a great man on the door. I’m able to run out and go to the bank and do things. He’s 110% trustworthy. He’s a real asset to our company.”

The post went viral, with many flooding the restaurant with support.

One commented: “Thank you for supporting your staff! I hope Ryan doesn’t have to deal with any more terrible people. Keep up the great work Ryan! You are appreciated by many.”

Another said: “I had the pleasure of being one of Ryan’s former teachers, and I can tell you he does not have a mean bone in his body! Ryan is hard working and eager to please. He is kind hearted, helpful and this list could go on and on.”

A third wrote: “Sorry that Ryan had to encounter such fools. Happy that he has such a supportive employer.”