Woman in stitches after ordering dress online and receiving ‘pink trash bag’

A woman ordered a dress from Pretty Little Thing after seeing an image of the glam outfit online, but what arrived looked fit for the bin and was nothing like the dress in the advert

A woman was left in stitches when she ordered a glamourous dress after seeing an advert online – but what arrived looked more like a ‘pink trash bag’.

TikTok star Havi, who uploads videos to her account @havianaaaaaa__, saw an advert for the pink PVC dress and thought it would look great in her collection.

She happily paid for the dress from Pretty Little Thing, but was shocked when it was delivered – as what arrived looked absolutely nothing like the advert.

The social media whizz saw the funny side and uploaded a video of her modelling the dress for her fans, and soon she was inundated with comments from people saying the dress did indeed look terrible.

She uploaded the video with the caption “PrettyLittleThing better count their days”, and it quickly received over two million views, and countless comments.

One said: “Go get your money back.”

And another wrote: “I never saw a pink trash bag before!”

While a third added: “That’s a pink carry on bag.”

And a fourth wrote: “I was going to order this for my birthday, I’m so glad I didn’t.”

Meanwhile, when it comes to ordering clothes online, there’s always a bit of a risk, as you never quite know what you’re going to get.

One way to ensure you’re getting a good quality item is to do your research, look into the company, consider whether the price is reasonable and read through the product reviews.

However, even after doing all this, you can still end up receiving an item that looks nothing like you’d expected.

A TikTok user named Anna Dinh recently learned this the hard way, after spending $200 (around £150) on what she thought was going to be a stunning, sparkly blue floor-length gown.